Commodities / Energies

On the CFD market you can benefit from increasing and decreasing prices of Commodities. The price of a CFD generally indicates the price of the underlying asset. The low initial investment (Margin) and the leverage effect are additional CFD characteristics. The most traded Commodity is WTI Crude Oil. You bet on a rising rate. The price per barrel is 50 USD and you buy (long) 1 CFD WTI Crude Oil at 50 USD. The value of the Commodity and the value of the CFD increases to 55 USD. You sell (short) at 55 USD and the difference of 5 USD is your profit. If the price per barrel drops to 45 USD, you are losing 5 USD. With purchasing the CFD you solely have rights on the difference between purchase price and selling price. You do not have any right on e.g. delivery of the underlying asset.


InstrumentsNameMargin %Trading Session
LCC.fLondon Cocoa Futures3Mon.-Fri. 11:30-18:55
LRC.fLondon Coffee Futures3Mon.-Fri. 11:00-19:30
LSU.fLondon Sugar Futures3Mon.-Fri. 10:45-20:00
CC.fUS Cocoa Futures3Mon.-Fri. 11:45-20:30
KC.fUS Coffee Futures3Mon.-Fri. 11:15-20:30
CT.fUS Cotton Futures3Mon.-Fri. 04:00-21:20
SB.fUS Sugar Futures3Mon.-Fri. 10:30-20:00


InstrumentsNameMargin %Trading Session
UKOIL.cCrude Oil Brent Cash 2Mon. 03:00 - Fri. 00:00
UKOIL.fCrude Oil Brent Futures2Mon. 01:00 -24:00
Tues.-Fri 00:00-01:00 / 03:00-24:00

USOIL.fWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures2Mon.-Fri. 01:00-24:00
NGAS.fNGAS Futures2Mon.- Thurs. 01:00-24:00
Fri. 01:00 - 23:45
WTI_OIL West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash 2Mon. 01:00 - Fri. 00:00