Our Values

Our values

Our values govern our day-to-day conduct. It is our high ethical standards and values that define who we are and the manner we conduct our business on a daily basis.

Spirit of Partnership

We deal fairly with our clients and business partners, growing with them and seeking mutual success. Partnerships with GBE brokers are viewed over the long term.


Fairness and openness with clients and partners involves a willingness to discuss things when an error occurs. Whether it is a matter concerning the company, external market events or your personal opinion on currency trading, speak with us if you have any concerns. Our doors are always open.


Honesty, fairness and a sense of responsibility are our hallmarks. We stand by our word, and expect the same from our clients and partners.


Whether it be the security of your capital, security of order execution, or security in handling sensitive data, we write SECURITY in capital letters. We deal with our clients and partners in a spirit of trust, and it is this which guides our actions.


Whatever we do, we perform this to the highest standards, because client satisfaction is our top priority.